Orlando-based alt/pop punk quartet 408 brings some vibes reminiscent of the late 90s, but is sure to keep it fresh.

Five EP releases into their discography, the band is finding their home blending the familiar pop punk sound of yesteryear with today and tomorrow's alternative, hip-hop, and even EDM influences. 408 recently wrapped up sessions for the unreleased "Sherbet" EP with platinum award-winning producer/engineer Andrew Wade, which resulted in an eclectic, if not wonderfully eccentric collection of hits and hooks guaranteed to be earworms

in 2021.

Notable Accomplishments:

- >1 million spotify streams (as of 12/2/2020)

- Multiple features on Spotify/Apple Music editorial playlists (Pop Punk's Not Dead, The Scene, New Punk Tracks, Emotron, New in Rock, and more)

- >150k streams for June 2020 single "Drop Out"

- >50k streams for November 2020 single "Watch It Burn"


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